EASTER SERVICES - SATURDAY: 4 & 5:45pm - SUNDAY: 9 & 10:45am


Status: Part Time/Hourly
Supervisor: Director of Operations

The role of grounds maintenance focuses on keeping the churches outdoor areas neat and presentable at all times so that it is ready for services and events. This creates the best experience for all visitors and attendees when coming onto the property.
  • Irrigate grass, trees, and plants 2-3 times per week or as needed
  • Remove trash and debris from Parking lots and grounds
  • Sweep and or use blower to remove debris from Sidewalks and lots
  • Clean-up leaves and branches weekly from lot
  • Complete other projects as needed to ensure grounds are presentable
  • Provide facility support for additional events when needed such as weddings, rentals, etc.
  • Adjust and or work additional hours when needed based on the needs of the ministry
  • When called upon help with tasks and duties which might not be part of the normal position description

  • Represent a growing personal relationship with Christ
  • Set appropriate boundaries in life and ministry to protect his or her character and integrity