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extravagant goals require extravagant faith

We began this year by prayerfully seeking God about the role He wants us to play in building His kingdom. The Bible shows us that Jesus gave all He had to reach the lost, and that there is no greater love than this. He asks us not to hold back in our own sacrifice for the Kingdom.


2019 GOAL: $600,000

Global missions

Through Kingdom Builders, we support key missions projects world-wide such as providing humanitarian aid, church planting, water-wells and more. Everyone, in every nation, deserves a chance to receive help and hear the Gospel. 



These projects will only be funded by the over-and-above giving to Kingdom Builders. When you give to Kingdom Builders, God’s marvelous Kingdom expands. 


local church expansion

Kingdom Builders is committed to funding the growth of the church locally through adding additional locations, supporting life-giving, Spirit-filled churches in our communities, and ministering to the hurting in our own backyards. 


What about the tithe?

At Summit Park we believe that every Christ-follower is called to be generous and tithe (10%) on their full income to their local church. Kingdom Builders is above and beyond our tithe, and is generous and sacrificial giving that God lays on our heart to change the world.


future christian leaders

Kingdom Builders believes in coming alongside our future Christian leaders to foster a love for the Bible, God, and the lost. Our Kingdom Builders partnerships work with organizations that care for the physical and spiritual needs of our future leaders from birth through those beginning their careers. We want the next generation to serve, give, and love more.

If you’re interested in a Kingdom Builder’s Scholarship, fill out the application below.


what if i have other questions?

We would love to answer any additional questions you may have. Please email