Living Free is a free discipleship program designed to help people take next steps in their walks with God. In the process, participants experience community, build trust and apply biblical truth to navigate life-controlling issues such as depression, anxiety, destructive behaviors, negative attitudes, substance abuse, sexual purity, and more.



Insight for facing divorce, loss, or conflict management in the relationships of life.


Understanding how growing in Christian Character can bring freedom.


Learning how the power of God can help overcome substance addictions that can destroy one's life.




Q: How do the sessions work?

A:  There is a Living Free workbook that guides us through the week. Each week’s topic has three sections that will be discussed in groups of 6 to 8 with a trained facilitator. The three sections are Self-Awareness, Spiritual Awareness and Life Application

Q: How many weeks will it be?

A: Six Weeks

Q: Do I have to share?

A: You can share as much or as little as you would like. Living Free helps to open our eyes and apply biblical truth to our every day lives. A person’s faith journey does not determine how much help they receive. It is the “showing up” and “taking in” that makes the difference.

Q: Is there childcare?

A: We do not provide childcare for these meetings.