2018 project Guide


global missions

2018 Project List - $70,000

Convoy of hope-kindgom-builders.jpg

Convoy of hope - $20,000

Convoy of Hope brings help and hope to those impoverished, hungry, and hurting people of the world. In 20 years, more than 79 million people have been served by Convoy of Hope. Their vision is to feed children in need, organize community outreaches, train women to start businesses, help farmers increase their yield in developing nations, provide immediate disaster relief, and to partner with like-minded organizations and rural churches.


live dead church plants

Live Dead is committed to taking the church where it does not exist. They are committed to making a difference in the statistic that 40% of the world lives without access to Christ. Live Dead’s strategy to execute this vision is to plant churches among unreached people groups through multi-national teams. Whatever their engagement, their goal is churches.


The a21 campaign

Millions of slaves. A $150 billion industry. 1% ever rescued.
Those statistics are daunting—and they lose the human element. The heart of this organization is the one. The one woman, the one man, the one child trapped and exploited, unable to see another end to their story. But they see the one, and they fight for the one, and they sacrifice to restore the one…to give them freedom and independence and the chance at a better story.


World serve international - $15,000

WorldServe brings clean and safe drinking water to East African communities in need to accelerate education, health, and opportunity. They partner with visionary people – from academia, business, and communities of faith – to facilitate sustainable water projects with incredible impact, especially for children and women.  Today, more than 3,000,000 people receive clean water from projects funded and/or facilitated by WorldServe.


Red envelope compassion

Red Envelope Compassion is an organization that gives gifts of sustainability, healthcare, livestock and education to rural areas of Northern Asia. The concept is based on an ancient tradition in the region of giving gifts to one another, packaged in red envelopes. 


big give kc

We are partnering with several Kansas City Metro area ministries that are ministering in numerous ways. Organizations like City Union Mission, Harvesters, Lee's Summit Social Services, and Rachel House are changing peoples lives and we want to be a part of that. 


Builders international

It can be a challenge finding a shovel ready project that will make a long term difference! Through Assemblies of God World Missions. Builders International has direct access to an international supply chain and delivery system for doing the most good. This network consists of over 2700 missionary personnel in 256 countries and territories, partnering with national church partners that exceed 68 million people. 

local church expansion

2018 Project List - $407,000

south lee's summit location - $400,000

One significant part of our vision is to launch another location in South Lee's Summit within 12 months. We believe this new location will allow us to reach more people with the gospel of Jesus. We are securing resources now for what God wants to do in His timing. 

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church multiplication network

CMN is the official church planting arm of the U.S. Assemblies of God, dedicated to planting healthy, Spirit-empowered churches in every community in the United States. To do this, we work to strategically equip, fund, and network new faith communities.


future christian leaders

2018 Project List - $23,000

teen challenge

Teen Challenge works on a holistic model of drug and alcohol recovery. This means that they are concerned with the body, mind, and spirit of those who come to their addiction recovery centers. They endeavor to help people become mentally sound, emotionally balanced, socially adjusted, physically well, and spiritually alive.


backyard orphans - $7,000

Backyard Orphans is a ministry that trains Church leaders to develop a foster care, adoption, and support ministry. Our vision at Summit Park is to promote a culture of awareness, engagement and support to foster care and adoptive families. Our partnership with Backyard Orphans helps us achieve this vision.


Summit park scholarships

We believe in raising up future leaders and, and we know the role a Christian College/University plays in a students life can be crucial. We want to help invest in our students as they pursue their careers and callings.