worship ministry leader


CAMPUS: Varies

STATUS: Full-Time


job summary:

The role of the Worship Pastor is to create a culture of worship in the church under the direction and leadership of the Worship Director. This position requires overseeing all aspects of the worship and live production portions of the services of the assigned campus. This will require the need to have a firm grasp on the core values, beliefs, and culture of Summit Park Church, so that he or she may lead the worship and live production team with those values and beliefs as guiding principles.



-       Actively develop worship leaders for upcoming campus locations

-       Coach and develop the musicians on the worship team in a way that would encourage them to grow in their abilities

-       Pastor the key volunteer leaders in his or her area

-       Recruit and train new musicians and vocalists (Strive to be three deep at every position)

-       Lead worship on Sunday and Wednesday services and other events as needed

-       Ensure that financial procedures are followed in the worship department

-       Regularly evaluate the worship experience to maintain a high level of excellence

-       Regularly communicate with other worship leaders to gain insight and develop ways to improve the effectiveness of the worship experience

-       Oversee all aspects of Production at assigned campus

-       Work closely with Live Production Director to ensure that weekend services are done well and as planned

-       Recruit, train and care for the volunteers of the Live production team

-       Manage and oversee Planning Center for the worship department



-       Must be proficient with the guitar while singing

-       Ability to play additional instruments a plus



-       Represent a growing personal relationship with Christ

-       Participate in a life group on a regular basis

-       Set appropriate boundaries in life and ministry to protect his or her character and integrity

-       Faithfully give to the ministry of Summit Park Church 10% of your gross income

-       Look for opportunities to reach those who are far from God