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DAY 13

Do not consider how handsome or tall he is. I have not chosen him. I do not look at the things people look at. Man looks at how someone appears on the outside. But I look at what is in the heart.
-1 Samuel 16:7

PAUSE: Israel’s first king, King Saul, was a tall, good-looking man. He was someone you would expect to be a king by outward appearances. For the people of Israel, it made sense. However, God makes a clear statement about how he chooses leaders in His Kingdom. It’s not the outward appearance, but the character of one’s heart.

King Saul struggled deeply with insecurity. His new role as king exposed his personal challenges. Though he started well, his lack of integrity caught up to him. He was never able to overcome what he was missing on the inside, and this ultimately led to his destruction on the outside.

When selecting leaders, character always wins. This is why David was selected as the next king of Israel after Saul. He had the heart for the Lord, and the integrity needed to lead a nation. How does this work in your own life? Where do you spend your time and energy? Is it on the things on the outside or on the things on the inside? Since this is where God places His energy, how should this inform how we place ours?

DISCUSSION: Why is it important for us to be mindful that God looks on the heart? Why is it that the greater one’s responsibility and power is, the more apparent their insecurities are? How we do we overcome our insecurities?

PRAY: Thank You, God that You see our hearts and chose Jesus to be our Forever King. Help us to love people like you do. Thank You, God that You have a plan and You know best even when we don’t understand.
ACTIVITY: Advent tree & ornaments - If you don’t already have an ornament for today, craft or find an ornament that corresponds with today’s content - God Chooses a New King. Then hang your thirteenth ornament on the tree.

FAMILY MEMORIES:  Get 2 bananas. One needs to be really green on the outside and the other needs to be speckled brown and have a few bruises. Identify which one is sweetest. Then discuss how God looks at our heart not the outside. Take a photo or video of your family activity or putting your 13th ornament on your Advent tree. Post your pictures or videos to the facebook group or tag @summitparkchurch!