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DAY 16

The people who are now living in darkness will see a great light. They are now living in a very dark land. But a light will shine on them.
-Isaiah 9:2

PAUSE: Just like we all do, the Israelites disobeyed God too. David was a good king, but the kings after him began to lead the children of God astray. Even though God had given them laws to teach them how to live, they chose to be wicked to one another and turned away from God. God sent a man named Isaiah to tell His people this message: God is going to bring terrible judgement to you because you have stopped obeying Him and are living selfish and wicked lives. God gave Isaiah another message of hope! “Rise and shine my people! Wake up from the darkness of your sin, turn to me, and let your heart be full of joy! I am coming to save you from the dark - a Light that will swallow up the darkness because it is so bright!” Even though God was going to destroy many people because of their sin, He would save some of them. This “remnant” of people would be the proof of His glorious love. He would keep His promise to His people. The Savior would be coming and He would replace their sin-filled hearts with love and a desire to follow God.

DISCUSSION: How do you see God’s laws? Are they simply rules to follow for the sake of rules? Or are they the means to a flourishing life? Is it a higher good to follow God’s commands out of duty or because we want to? How is it that we come to desire to follow God’s commands?

PRAY:  Thank you, Father, for sending Jesus, the light of the world, to remove the darkness of our sin. Help us walk in the light and obey your word so that others may worship you.

ACTIVITY: Advent tree & ornaments - If you don’t already have an ornament for today, craft or find an ornament that corresponds with today’s content -The Coming Light. Then hang your sixteenth ornament on the tree.

FAMILY MEMORIES - Take your family to look at Christmas lights. Grab some hot cocoa and your favorite Christmas treat as you look at all the bright lights. Celebrate that Jesus is the “Light of the world!”
Take a photo or video of your family activity or putting your 16th ornament on your Advent tree. Post your pictures or videos to the facebook group or tag @summitparkchurch!