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DAY 24


When they saw the star they were filled with joy.
-Matthew 2:10

PAUSE: A very bright star shone over the place where Jesus was born in Bethlehem. Wise Men saw the star and were overjoyed because they knew that the star was a sign from God that a new king had been born. The Wise Men wanted to worship the new king, because they knew He was the king of the Jews, God‘s chosen people. They packed up all their things and some very special gifts for the new king. They set out on a trip to find Him. They rode on their camels and followed the bright star.

First, the star led the Wise Men to Jerusalem. Jerusalem was an important city where King Herod lived. The Wise Men asked King Herod if he knew where the baby king was born. King Herod, full of jealousy, was not happy to hear about the new king God had sent. Herod wanted to be the only king. Herod told the Wise Men to go to Bethlehem, where the prophets had said a ruler would be born many years before. There they would find the new baby King. Herod secretly told the Wise Men to find the baby, and come back and report to him exactly where he was born. He was planning to hurt this new king. The star rose in the sky above them, and led the Wise Men to Bethlehem. When the star stopped, they found the place where the new King was, with his mother Mary. The Wise Men learned that the new King was named Jesus. They were so excited to meet Jesus that they fell on the ground and worshiped him singing songs and saying thank you to God for sending this very special baby. Then, they gave Jesus the gifts that they had brought for him – – gold, frankincense and myrrh… three very special and important gifts for a very special and important child. The Wise Men loved Jesus and wanted to make him feel special, just like God loves us.

The Wise Men had a dream from God. In the dream, they were told on their journey home they should not go see King. They obeyed God and went a different way. Just like the Wise Men brought gifts to Jesus, we give gifts at Christmas to the people we love. The greatest gift of all though, is the gift that God gives to us. This is the very same gift the Wise Men found all those years ago. The same gift God promised since the creation of the world, someone to save us. It is the gift of Jesus, a very special child, a king, we could be together with God forever.

DISCUSSION: If we contrast the Wise Men with King Herod, what differences can be found? What is significant about these differences? The Wise Men demonstrated great sacrifice, humility, and awe before Jesus as a baby. How can we likewise stand in awe of Jesus’ birth?

PRAY: God, Thank You for sending the baby Jesus as a special gift for me. Thank You for the story of Wise Men who loved Jesus and worshiped him as a special King. Please help me to look for Jesus everyday.

ACTIVITY: Advent tree & ornaments - If you don’t already have an ornament for today, craft or find an ornament that corresponds with today’s content -Follow theStar. Then hang your twenty-fourth ornament on the tree.

FAMILY MEMORIES: As a family, discuss ways that each of you can give gifts to others that do not cost any money. (Example: the gift of obeying your parents, being kind to someone hurting, etc.) Take a photo or video of your family activity or putting your 24th ornament on your Advent tree. Post your pictures or videos to the facebook group or tag @summitparkchurch@gmail.com