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Status: Full Time
Supervisor: Director of Ministries

The Role of a Youth Director is to help students and young adults find and follow Jesus. Through the recruitment and training of volunteers, they will plan and execute services/events/groups. This role requires the ability to serve in a wide capacity to develop services, events, and develop leaders.

· Be committed to the vision of Summit Park Church
· Uphold the mission and values of the church (Live. Connect. Serve. Invite. Give)
· Lead weekly Student services
· Recruit, Train, Appreciate volunteers for implementation of Student Services, Events, and Groups
· Strategically plan Student Services, events, and other programming
· Recruit/lead a volunteer team to set up and tear down for events
· Lead the follow up system with Student VIPS
· Lead the planning and implementation of Student Leadership/Internship Program
· Participate in a variety of roles during all church events
· Strategically plan and coordinate Young Adult Events
· Develop and maintain effective relationships with various leaders in the community for outreach purposes.
· Coordinate Young Adult small groups.
· Serve as Student and Young Adult Connector during weekend services.
· When called upon the staff and approved supervisor, employee should willingly perform such tasks which might not be considered part of the normal position description

● Represent a growing personal relationship with Christ
● Participate in a life group on a regular basis
● Set appropriate boundaries in life and ministry to protect his or her character and integrity
● Faithfully give to the ministry of Summit Park Church 10% of your gross income
● Look for opportunities to reach those who are far from God